A lot of times when we are too busy to stop and listen to what God is trying to tell us,
He sends someone more willing to listen to Him to deliver His message to us.

These past few weeks have been a blur for me. From the classes I take as a college student, to everyday ministry, to retreat planning, to talk preparation, and all of the little things in between, I get that this is a busy time of year. I want to share with you some words of wisdom a dear friend gave me this week. They really made me redirect my stress into something better. Into something fruitful. Into a blessing. I hope that they resonate with you like they did for me.

“I usually pray for God to tell me what He wants me to tell you or pray for for you.
Tonight I feel like He gave me the answer within my own life and the things I’m going through.

I pray that you will be calmed through the busyness. I pray that you would trust your time to God and trust Him enough to slow down and enjoy the little things. I pray that He will give you rest. I pray that the hurriedness and rush that you feel would fade away and that you would not see your full schedule and many tasks as burdensome but instead as blessings from God and places where His grace has an opportunity to grow. Whenever you have to run errands or do things you’re not excited about, I pray that God would remind you that His will is everywhere and that every task you have and every place you have to go is the place where God wants you to be at that moment. I pray that you find peace this week and that you encounter joy in places that you least expect.”

In turn, this is my prayer for you. Sit with this. Reflect on this. Pray with this. Let it be your everyday litany in the week where your schedule is almost too much for you to handle. After that third cup of coffee. When you get another voicemail. Stop, and remember: His will is everywhere.

written by Sarah Sullivan, former youth minister of St. Mary’s in Caldwell

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