Have you ever struggled with what to say when?  Want to have more intentional conversations with teens, parents, friends, or strangers? Pick one or all of the tips to help you have better conversations with those around you.

Every step closer to Christ is aways a step in the right direction

Getting started is the hardest part of the journey!

Need a saint or TWO to help along the way?  These saints are some of my favorites that help me get out of my comfort zone and provide guidance in working with those searching and seeking Christ.

  1. St. Mary Magdelene – She was courageous, brave and fearless.  Sometimes I get nervous or know that a conversation is going to be tough….St. Mary Magdelene…..pray for me.
  2. St. Monica – She persevered in her prayer for many years for her wayward son.  I most definitely pray after a conversation with someone that God can use the words both spoken and unspoken to make a different in that person’s life.

May you have the grace this year to encounter Christ is each person you serve!


Blessings, Lisa