The “Gorilla Crawl” and the “Frog Burpee” are two of the newest exercises that I tried this past week. The trainer, on my DVD, described the exercise and how to do it. Then the lady on the video demonstrated it. I told the TV straight up “nah, I can’t do that!!” I, then, thought to myself “who am I kidding? I don’t even think I can coordinate my body to do that exercise.” One more time, I told the TV, “ha! That’s looks so silly, I’m not doing that!” That was three times, three times, I said that I couldn’t and wouldn’t do that exercise. What I was really saying was that it was too hard and I was ready to give up.

Then I remembered WHY I want to exercise…and that is so that I can take care of my physical being and body.

My hesitation subsided, my confidence swelled and I convinced myself to try that gorilla crawl move. I knew my coach would be proud…that at least I tried…..and guess what??? I did it!! Yeah, I did it! I’m sure I looked silly but at that moment, I stepped out of my comfort zone, put my pride and ego aside, carried my cross, asked for grace and tried something new.

“Do you not know that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?” 1 Cor. 3:16

I’m not an expert at health and fitness but God has placed some people around me who love me and cheer me on. When I’ve asked for help or strength, God provides.

We are at our best when someone helps us carry the load. God designed us to be in community with others to share our joys and our struggles so that we may rise together with Him.

As ministers, we spend many hours and effort promoting the Gospel message and helping people on their spiritual journey.  We are a part of their “Team”.  Take a look around you and see who’s on your Team

These 4 things will help you build your support Team (Insert Your Name Here)!

Jesus – He is your Source of love and strength, Giver of everything good and Maker of all new things!

To know what your cross is or what your crosses are (sometimes we carry more than one and that is okay!!) – Evaluate the things in your life that you struggle with. Sometimes they are the symptoms of a much deeper wound. I’m reading this book called Be Healed: A Guide to Encountering the Powerful Love of Jesus in Your Life by Dr. Bob Schuchts that has helped me to identify the root wounds of some of my struggles. It has been very helpful.

• Assemble your Team – Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal those who are meant to be on your team. Invite People, friends, experts or ask questions about the things they are really good at and how their skills might be able to build you up, cheer you on, support you and encourage you to be a better person!

• Grace – can be simply defined as the bestowal of blessings upon a person. If you feel “blessed”, then allow yourself to receive that gift and use it to give you hope for what you can accomplish with God’s help. It cannot be earned but is freely given. Be humble, meek, true and honest as this journey begins to take shape.

I told my oldest son last week that it is impossible to be an expert at everything but take a look within your friend group at school and at church to see who can help you with the things that you need help with. God will provide.

My dear friends, trust in Lord with all your heart (Prov. 3:5) and he will not lead you astray.