Lead Us Not Into Temptation

led us not into temptation

How often are you avoiding the spiritual heartache & suffering that sin brings into your life? In this video, Gwen wants you to identify areas of temptation in your life, and she challenges you to proactively work against sin’s temporal draw.

Smile Wide

smile wide

“Say cheese!” “But first… let me take a selfie!” “On the count of the 3!” Everyone knows when you hear any combination of these words, it’s your cue to smile for the camera!  Whether it’s for yet another picture that your mom wants to take or you are laughing with friends, we smile a lot! […]

Preach the Gospel

This past semester at St. Joseph’s, the middle school group focused on the sacred scripture. We started with basics, how the Church formed the Bible and what books make it up. Then we zeroed in on the gospels, learned what parables were, and looked at a number of Jesus’ teachings and miracles. We also talked […]

You can’t Form Disciples without Community

Humanity, people, you…Every single person comes from community and is drawn to community. The Trinity, a community of 3 persons, one God, breathed us into existence. Biologically it takes a community of a man and a woman to create a child. Sociologically, community is essential in order for the person to develop and thrive.

3 Cities, 7 Deaths…NOW WHAT?!

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know what has been happening in our country over the past week.  There were multiple fatal shootings by police officers being called into question with a public outcry helped by witness’s video, then someone taking the law into his own hands and ending the lives […]

What do Gorilla Crawls have to do with Struggles?

The “Gorilla Crawl” and the “Frog Burpee” are two of the newest exercises that I tried this past week. The trainer, on my DVD, described the exercise and how to do it. Then the lady on the video demonstrated it. I told the TV straight up “nah, I can’t do that!!” I, then, thought to […]

Preach the Gospel and All Times and When Necessary, Text It.

SMS & Texting technology combined with the character limit of twitter means we are saying more with less. Often the result is a melting pot of grammatical errors and encrypted abbreviations. “Preach d gspel n ll tyms n wen nSSRe, txt It.”   For someone who has been in ministry from the days when cell phones charged 10 cents a text, I love the fact […]