SMS & Texting technology combined with the character limit of twitter means we are saying more with less. Often the result is a melting pot of grammatical errors and encrypted abbreviations. “Preach d gspel n ll tyms n wen nSSRe, txt It.”


For someone who has been in ministry from the days when cell phones charged 10 cents a text, I love the fact that modern communication, particularly among adolescents, is focused on the message, not how it is delivered or how pretty it reads.

We are broken. Not a single one of us will ever perfectly communicate the Gospel. In fact, we have never communicated it effectively on our own (come Holy Spirit). Often we attempt to perfect the message of Christ so that sharing it comes across as flawless but . . . we. are. broken. Even if we were to ever craft the perfect way to share the Gospel, it would ultimately come across as inauthentic as our brokenness is built into our humanity once the juices of the forbidden fruit poured down Adam’s throat.4788400760_b8c0eec961_n

The Gospel needs shared. And we need to share it. Honor the message, but do not tie up any time trying to polish the means or the messenger. You must share it for God’s sake! (Literally). The grammar police may come knocking on your door, and when they do, invite them in and tell them about Jesus. For this message is hungered for by all people at all times regardless of typos.

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