Too much anymore this word is a sign of defeat. It means that you can no longer fight or that you are too weak to go on. Honestly, those thoughts couldn’t be more accurate, but unfortunately we often see the word “retreat” as giving up, when what it actually is a building up.

The honest truth is that, as humans, we are weak.

We fall and we are defeated, but as God’s creation we are not defined by these blemishes. In the midst of weakness and failure we often bask in that pain and become consumed. We allow ourselves to be defeated on the battlefield against sin. Why is that? Why don’t we retreat? I know for myself it has often been because I see retreating as running away and bowing down in the face of evil. In reality, my idea of retreat could not be more wrong.

Retreat (noun) – recognition that you are not your own savior, but that Christ is.

Retreat is, in fact, escaping the attacks of evil, but it is not in weakness. Retreating should not be focused on what you are running away from, but whom you are running to. Retreating is an opportunity to be renewed in the presence and love of our Creator. It is an opportunity to be reconciled for our failures through the Passion of Christ, and to be reminded of his pure and perfect love as you focus on His Ascension.

Retreating in not weakness. It is strength. It is recognition that you are not your own savior, but that Christ is. It is a reminder of who you are truly made to be. Retreating is a time in the hands of your Creator, which brings you time for healing, a time to be armored in the virtues that so forcefully combat all the attacks from the world.

Society will tell you that retreating is easy, but following Christ is the hardest thing that we as His people will ever do.

To retreat is to stand up and boldly proclaim that you may be down, but you are not out!