Sacraments of Initiation

Hi and welcome to Beyond the Pew. Today we’re going to talk about how to walk through the sacraments of initiation as a family. So what are the sacraments of initiation? Well there are three. First one is baptism. Then we have confirmation. And then we have the Holy Eucharist.

Life in the Eucharist

Sacraments as a Family Welcome to Beyond the Pew. In this new series, we’re going to be diving into the ways we can journey through the sacraments together as a family. We are so blessed to have these seven sacraments. The sacraments are the ways in which the power of the Cross is made present in our lives. Jesus died so that we […]

Receiving Sacraments

Hello. Welcome to Beyond the Pew. As Easter gets closer and so many of our kids will be receiving Sacraments for the first time, whether it be Confirmation or Baptism or their First Communion, we’re going to talk about how to talk to your kids when they receive the Sacrament.

After the Youth Retreat

Welcome back to Beyond the Pew. As we continue this series on how to help your youth come home from different church events, we’re going to be talking today about retreats. So when your youth goes away for a weekend or for a day retreat, and they’ve encountered Christ there, how do you help them […]

Stations of the Cross

Howdy and welcome back to Beyond the Pew. I’m Taylor and I want to talk to you about one of my favorite prayers that we pray throughout the year. We always celebrate it throughout the Lenten Season and that is the Stations of the Cross. The reason I love this prayer is because it helps […]

Holy and Healthy Friendships

Howdy, and welcome to Beyond the Pew! My name is Taylor Schroll and it’s great to be back again with you here this week. I’m kicking off our series in February on relationships, we know that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it’s all about love. But before we get into that, I […]

Taking Young Children to Mass

Welcome back to Beyond the Pew! I hope that your New Year’s is going well and to continue the theme of praying with your family, I’m going to be talking about getting your kids to mass. And I’m actually sitting here in the pew that my family and I sit in when we come to […]

Called to Holiness

So parents, this week we’re going to talk about holiness and our call to holiness as baptized Christians. And during this Advent season it’s the perfect time to investigate what we are doing in our lives. What our relationship with Jesus looks like and how we can better ourselves on that path to holiness.