Why Youth Ministers Need to Miss Youth Group

Every year I have a youth group session where I’m intentionally not there.  That’s right, I miss it on purpose.  I set it up to occur in the fall semester, usually October or November.  Some might think that by missing youth group I’m not doing my job, but by missing that session I’m able to do my […]

What do Gorilla Crawls have to do with Struggles?

The “Gorilla Crawl” and the “Frog Burpee” are two of the newest exercises that I tried this past week. The trainer, on my DVD, described the exercise and how to do it. Then the lady on the video demonstrated it. I told the TV straight up “nah, I can’t do that!!” I, then, thought to […]

Hold Out the Mic, It’s Not Your Ministry

I’m starting with a rant. I love going to concerts but I am bothered when the lead singer holds out the microphone and makes the audience sing. Yes, I know the song, but I also know how horrible I sound. I paid to see them perform the song, not for the artist to watch me […]

3 Ways to Instantly Transform Your Relationships with Others

These 3 simple phrases when used more often between you and those you value or love (and even your enemies) can make a significant impact in your relationships with others. A few months ago, one of our deacons shared a link with me to Pope Francis’ Speech to engaged couples on February 14, 2014.  If you […]