Whenever you began your youth ministry career you had hopes and aspirations.  You may have been excited to lead teens to Christ, catechize them on the truths of the faith, and build relationships with them.  You probably expected some joys and challenges to take place like teens encountering Christ, occasional difficulties with co-workers or parents, and dealing with teens with bad attitudes.  Many things can be expected, but here’s a list of things I never imagine I’d be doing.

I Never Thought I Would:

God has amazing things in store for each of us.  Whether you’re a volunteer, paid, or even volun-told youth minister.  No matter what you are prepared for God is always ready to move through you and with you in ways that you couldn’t imagine.  Strive to have a strong prayer life, stay close to Jesus, and hang on for the ride of a lifetime!!!

4 Responses

  1. As a Gwen Bartlett alumni it is funny to read through these and guess who/what you are talking about in each example 🙂

  2. What a journey! Thank you for sticking with youth ministry through all the crap. So many people are better off because of that decision.

  3. Thank you so much for being Jesus to me, my family and the teens!! You have taught us so much! You are an AWESOME youth minister!