Those Turds

Maybe it’s just our ministries and you don’t have this problem, but we have some unique children in our programs that we lovingly refer to as “turds”. I sincerely mean that. We love them, but their behavior stinks. It’s ok though, they’re keeping us all on our toes, as well as sometimes on our last […]

Compound Interest & the Volunteer ROI

Compound interest is a powerful thing. Many Americans place their hopes for retirement in this reality. I shared this powerful concept with some teens in a disciple group recently and the connections that can be made to spiritual discipline are profound. Becoming rich, whether physically or spiritually, takes dedication, consistency, and lots of time. It […]

Busy? Read this. Too busy? Read it twice.

A lot of times when we are too busy to stop and listen to what God is trying to tell us, He sends someone more willing to listen to Him to deliver His message to us. These past few weeks have been a blur for me. From the classes I take as a college student, to […]

The Efficient Minister: Meetings & Email

This post is part 2 in the Efficient Minister Series. Check out Part 1 as it features an overview on why time matters particiularly for ministry leaders. Meetings Some say ‘meetings are a necessary evil.’ While I cannot speak to the totality of that statement, most meetings I attend are not necessary. Communication is necessary, […]

The Efficient Minister: Events & Voicemail

Leaders of ministry often lack many resources: volunteers, money, support… the list could be endless. One of the most vital resources is time. The clock is always ticking as the semester, season, or year blazes by … each minute matters.  Why Time Matters The biggest reason is because most ministers give even when it is imprudent […]

The Attack on Ministry

There are certain times in our life when things just don’t seem to be going quite right.  We all have those times when we are hit with a trial or get overwhelmed with the circumstances of our lives.  Sometimes this makes us question the direction we are moving, other times it gives us conviction that […]

10 Things I’ve Learned in Ministry

After working as a rookie youth minister for over a year now, I see how this past year has brought so many blessings and opportunities. It’s been a year of growth and has changed me for the better. Here’s the top ten things that youth ministry has taught me so far.

YM Exposed: Things I Never Thought I’d Do

Whenever you began your youth ministry career you had hopes and aspirations.  You may have been excited to lead teens to Christ, catechize them on the truths of the faith, and build relationships with them.  You probably expected some joys and challenges to take place like teens encountering Christ, occasional difficulties with co-workers or parents, […]

Why Youth Ministers Need to Miss Youth Group

Every year I have a youth group session where I’m intentionally not there.  That’s right, I miss it on purpose.  I set it up to occur in the fall semester, usually October or November.  Some might think that by missing youth group I’m not doing my job, but by missing that session I’m able to do my […]

When I Called, You Answered and Gave Me Strength

“When I called, you answered me; you built up strength within me.” Psalm 138:3     Feeling Vulnerable I haven’t been this vulnerable in a while. Earlier this week, I felt raw, exhausted, broken, feeble, emotional, and weak. I haven’t been my regular self and have been fighting hard to keep my eyes focused on Christ. […]